My Favorite New York Escort

It was my first vacation in a long time. Jet blue had a special rate to New York LGA for only $149 round trip with 2 days stay downtown. I jumped on that deal.

I got to NYC early in the day about 2pm just in time for check in. Being my first time there I had no idea where to start, where to go, or what to do. The city was so crowded it made me feel so alone. It was only 2 hours since I arrived and I already felt lonely. I decided to make a call to get come company from some New York escorts.

On the west coast I would call for an escort for a special event, like a work gathering or party but never to guide me around the city or for some 1 on 1 company. This time I would do it for my loneliness.

A quick google search and I had listings of tons of escort services to choose from. 1 that caught my eye was 5 Star escorts. They were open 24 hours, accepted credit cards but most importantly they had the profile of a girl I always dreamed of meeting myself Misha. She has a look that was very exotic yet girl next door at the same time, a rare combination. She looked like a nice blend of Latina, Asian or some kind of Polynesian. I had to meet her.

I made a call to the agency and I was in luck. She was in the area of my hotel and would be available in the next 30 minutes. Perfect, that gave me enough time to freshen up, loosen up, and throw on some cool gear. Next thing I knew she was at my door. OMG all … Read the rest

Day One Pasadena

Day One Pasadena is a not for profit organization based in the community of Pasadena. Open to anyone and everyone from around the world we open our arms to many people that would like to help us out with our mission to give to our great community.

With more than 25 years of serving the area we have made a name for ourselves as being the Charity to go to when you need assistance in the area. With many programs under our control our main mission is to drive home the spirit of community, organization and educating the local area on issues of health, wealth and relationships for ourselves and the people around us.

We owe our existence and our success to you. Without the help from you we would not achieve all that we have in the short amount of time we have been here. If you are not currently volunteering with us you can do so here. If you don’t have the time, or if you are not in the area we welcome your donations as well.

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Bringing People Together

We strengthen the community by bringing people together to meet a common goal. The good of those around us in our community. There is no better way to advance the quality, commitment, value and confidence in our community than with a program that encourages growth and community in a way that is focused and driven in the way Day One does it.

While we are not for everyone, we are available for anyone that wants to join our cause. Focused mostly on our community on hand we have a reach that goes far beyond the borders of our city. With access to thousands of community outreach and volunteer programs you are sure to find a match that is best for you.

To start we suggest you determine whats important to you, and what you care about. If animals is your thing or children or whatever, there is a group that could use your help. A simple google search can turn upĀ  thousands and thousands of groups available and in need of your help. Whether its donations or volunteering your help is needed and we suggest you look around.

Another source that we recommend is Their website is a very good starting point when you begin your search for a organization with which to donate your time of money to. By answering the simple question, what do you care about? you can begin finding plenty of groups available in your area with a mission to help exactly what is important to you. We highly recommend you start with them. If nothing else come back here and contact us and we will put you in touch with the right group that matches your needs and wishes.… Read the rest